Personal Biography

My story is not much different from any kid in your classroom.   Some might say my story is becoming the norm.  I was raised by a single parent who worked 3 – 4 jobs to make ends meet.  I would stay at an overnight sitter that was within walking distance to the daycare.  The daycare would take me to school and picked me up after school.  Then after they closed for the evening the babysitter would pick me up from there.  My day would start all over the next day.    If I didn’t stay with the overnight sitter my older brother watched over me while my mom worked or occasionally slept.  This was pretty much the routine until I was in 2nd grade.  School was just one of the stops between sun up and sun down.

As I was growing up I know I caused myself and my teachers a lot of trouble. I have often compared my self to “that kid” in school every teacher feels compassion for but not sure how they can help.  I do not remember any one person ever taking a great interest in my education much less motivating me to do well in school.  I can honestly say I never considered becoming a teacher until I was forced to fight for my own high school diploma.  I was fed up with teachers seeing me as yet another kid they had to put up with until the end of the school year.  I was told by several teachers and even by the school counselor that it did not matter if I did the work or not.   They just wanted me to sit in my seat and be quiet and I would “get” to graduate.  It had become obvious to me, they had decided, that teaching me would be a waste of their time.   This was the very reason, why I decided to quit school my senior year, 3 months shy of graduation.

Fortunately,  I did return to high school but in a different school district.  I received my high school diploma.   I also went on to college and obtain not only my associates but my bachelors and a masters.  It is my belief that every teacher at every level has a responsibility to at least TRY to reach their students.  We are not there just to teach, we are their to inspire.

Over the past several years I have visited with many of my families, and I see more of them walking similar if not more difficult roads to than my own path.  No one ever thought I would ever become anything as great as a teacher.   Now I am the one who is looking across the classroom.   Yet, I can still see me sitting in that small chair in a crowded classroom.   I want to reassure every family who sends their child to my class, your child deserves my attention and my respect and they will get nothing less.   I know I can inspire your child but I can only do it with your help.   Together we can inspire them to be great leaders and role models.  My goal, my mission is not to just teach it is to provide a foundation for them to build upon and to instill a love for learning.

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