Class Procedures

Line Procedures

  • Room is clean and neat
  • Students are standing still behind their chairs
  • Announce who is doing a good job
  • Beach Patrol lines up first & check the hallway to see if we can exit the room
  • Then whomever is doing the correct thing may leave after the Beach Patrol leaves.
  • All students are in line with their hands behind their backs and their voices are off when the are in line.

Restroom Procedures & Times

  • Before & during class ~ The door is opened and they are allow to go if they need to take a break.
  • After PE ~ After PE ONLY we take our break up at the front office.
  • After other specials & recess ~ We take a break after we return to the room.  I just leave the door open and they go quickly.

Student Computers

Both computers are open for Xtra Math and the student helpers located by the computers will tend to this program.  AR is also an option students may do if the computers are open.

  • Students line up outside the room and wait to enter.
  • Morning begins with a message from our computer friend about the morning work and expectations for the day.
  • After specials or recess student will also line up and wait outside the room until told to enter the classroom.
  • All students must enter with their voices off and ready to learn.


  • The room is neat and clean!
  • Students stand behind their chairs and wait to exit the room.


All homework is due directly after the morning announcements. Students may place it on my table if and when they are finished. If they wait to turn it in after the announcements it will be picked up by myself or an assigned student.

Teacher grades homework, gives team or individual points and returns it to the students mailboxes.

Extra Computer Lab

We go as a class directly after our specials on Monday & Thursday and stay until 1:00pm.

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