What is Gifted & Talented

What is Gifted?

“Gifted and Talented children” are those children identified as having demonstrated potential abilities of high performance capability and needing differentiated or accelerated education or services. For the purpose of this definition, “demonstrated abilities of high performance capability” means those identified students who score in the top three percent (3%) on any national standardized test of intellectual ability. The definition may also include students who excel in one or more of the following areas:

 Creative thinking ability 
 Leadership ability 
 Visual and performing ability
 Specific academic ability


“How do you identify a student as gifted?”

 If a student scores in the 97th percentile (including the standard error of measurement) on a national standardized test of intellectual ability they qualify.

 If a student does not qualify based on the score of a test, an evaluation of their academic and intellectual performance can be done. The evaluation matrix includes scores from abilities and achievement tests, parent/student/teacher rating scales, and teacher recommendation. Classroom performance and product are considered in making the final evaluation.

“Do you accept placement from other school districts?”

  If the student was placed in the G/T program by scoring in the 97th percentile (including the standard error of measurement) on an abilities test, then they may be placed in LAE G/T program.

 If they were placed by academic and achievement performance, then a multicriteria evaluation may be done to determine if they would qualify for the LAE G/T program.

“How often do you test for the gifted program?”

 Testing for placement in the G/T program is done by nomination or by request.  A student may test only one time during a school year.

1st -4th grade teachers will turn in their nomination at the end of the 4th 9 weeks, students will be tested that spring for placement for the following year.

New requests and nomination can be made within the first 9 weeks and testing will be completed by the end of the 2nd 9 weeks.

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