Nonfiction Studies

Nonfiction & Curriculum Enrichment Outline

Enrichment includes experiences or activities that go above and beyond the “regular curriculum” requirements.  Enrichment will occur in the regular education classroom and teachers will adapt and differentiate their instruction and expected product outcome to meet the academic, physical, and psychological needs of their gifted and talented students.

Here at the elementary we are fortunate to have teachers who excel in teaching above the state tested curriculum.  All teacher work fluently together to create lessons based on Common Core goals that meet both interests and abilities at all grade levels.  Students who are identified Gifted & Talented will participate in classroom projects across the curriculum.

Below is a list of topics the students work on with other students to be presented during their Gifted & Talented meetings or class lessons.

Grade Level Enrichment & Common Core Topics

                     Social Studies        Science

Grade 1:    American Heroes         Exploration with 5 Senses (Physical Sci.)

Grade 2:   Democratic Heritage    Motion I (Physical Sci.)

Grade 3    Oklahoma Studies        Sound (Physical Sci.)

Grade 4    USA Regions                Motion II (Physical Sci.)

Grade 5    Creating the USA         Energy (Physical Sci.)

Below are topics we have covered in the past:

3 Kinds of Erosion         Ecosystems                          Life Cycles                 Water Cycles

Tools in Weather           Temperature Changes       Cultural Diversity      Writers Workshop

Strategic Thinking         Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

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