2013 – 2014 Calendar

Activity Projects

Remember you need to attend the AP Meeting to go on Field Trips.


7th ~ 1st AP Meeting Intro to Think Tank Teams

11th ~ No Meeting AP Calendars Available

18th ~ No Meeting Get your….Brain Quest Sneak Peak

25th ~ 2nd AP Meeting Intro to American History


8th ~ 3rd AP Meeting American History

15th ~ 4th AP Meeting Intro to Community

22nd ~ 5th AP Meeting Our Community

29th ~ No Meeting


6th ~ 6th AP Meeting Their Community

13th ~ 7th AP Meeting Brain Quest ~1st Term Finals

20th ~ No Meeting


10th ~ 8th AP Meeting Intro to Biology & Nature


All GT students will need to come to the computer lab during our lab time to work on G&T projects.

Computer Lab is scheduled for Monday & Thursday 12:00 – 12:45

17th ~ 9th AP Meeting Balancing Act

24th ~ 10th AP Meeting Breathing Machine

31st ~ 11th AP Meeting Round & Round We Go


7th ~ 12th AP Meeting Brain Quest ~2nd Term Finals

14th No Meeting

21st ~ 13th AP Meeting Intro to Biology & Nature

28th ~ 14th AP Meeting Nature versus Nurture


7th ~ 15th AP Meeting Nature ~ Migrate or Hibernate

14th ~ 16th AP Meeting Nurture ~ React or Enteract

21st ~ No Meeting

28th ~ 17th AP Meeting Intro to Engineering ~ The Laws Behind it


4th ~ 18th AP Meeting Motion ~ Balloon Races

11th ~ 19th AP Meeting Gravity ~ Structural Analysis

18th ~ 20th AP Meeting Motion & Gravity ~ Rockets

25th ~ No Meeting


TBA ~ 21th AP Meeting Field Trip

TBA ~ 22st AP Meeting Brain Quest Invitation Event

There will be a Brain Quest Quiz-Off at each week between T&T teams that attend the AP Meetings.

All points will roll over each time you complete.  The Mid-Terms will be between the top 2 teams for that specific period/term.

Parent Meetings SAVE THESE DATES!

October 22nd & February 11th 6pm Room 305

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