Little Axe Calendar

School wide Events
April 25 GT Permission Slips DUE
April 29 1st grade Field Trip to Zoo

May 1 3rd grade Field Trip to Museum
May 2 Hershey Track Meet & Talent Show
May 5 Library Road Show
May 5 – 9 Book Fair
May 6 G & T Field Trip to Jasmine Moran
May 6 Art Show
May 8 Stu-Co Field Trip
May 8 4th grade Permission Slips DUE
May 9 Super Kids Day
May 9 Brain Quest Practice Day
May 10 Science Board Meeting
May 12 Bully Assembly
May 13 Disaster Preparedness 5th & 4th
May 14 Disaster Preparedness 3rd & 4th
May 15 Drama Performance
May 16 3rd grade Field Trip to Zoo
May 16 G&T BIG DAY
1. Brain Quest Bowl 6pm
2. G&T Awards after bowl
May 18 Lunch with an Author
May 20 5th grade Graduation
May 21 PrK – 2nd Awards morning
3rd & 4th Awards afternoon
May 22 4th grade Field Trip to Zoo
May 22 Kindergarten Graduation