Sub Schedule Mar. 4

Sub. Schedule

Have each student check in Sokikom stating they are ready to learn. Students who come into the room acting a fool, excuse them to return to the hallway until they are ready to enter with a serious attitude!

Open Sokikom To give attendance points.

8:30 Arrival ~ Walking Club ~ 8:55
8:40 Classroom Opens ~ writing prompt on the board
8:55 Tardy Bell
8:30 Morning Work & Extra Practice or AR
9:15 Lab classes

Writing Prompt

If, I were a Dr. Seuss character which one would you be and why?

1. Prewrite using the OREO outline
2. Write your own story
3. Use exciting details
4. Recopy for neatness
5. After it looks great! Then Illustrate and color

When they finish you need to look at each paper and give a FEW suggestions, (capitalizing, punctuation, spelling, sentences, penmanship and word space). Have them work on it until you call time.
ASK THEM WHAT WILL MRS. O be looking for….

10:00 Call Time …collect all papers at the door as they take a quick break and they will line up in the hallway.

As they come back in tell them to get their Science books. They must stay at their seats and reading the chapter over “changing ecosystems.”

Given them about 10-15 minutes to read (scanning is okay but they must scan the entire time). If some one finishes too quickly they may need to reread or scan it again.
Then you will need to sit at the front of the room and have everyone gather around tables creating a semi-circle. Ask them questions about the reading and call on students to answer. Do not accept answers from students who chooses to shout out answers. They may also ask questions. They must be relevant question to the text. Student assistant may help you keep track of who is participating and who is not. When a question is asked a page number and paragraph needs to be indicated so everyone can find the information. We are proving our answers with text supported evidence.

10:45 Math Skill Focus ~ tell everyone to get their EnVision workbooks and work on 11.1 & 11.2 they may work with a friend. It is due before recess.

Homework 11.1 from textbook. Tell them this at the end of the day.

11:30 Specials
Monday ~ Computers / Computers
Testing Programs Star/ Spelling City
Tuesday ~ PE (wear tennis shoes)
Wednesday ~ Art
Thursday ~ Library / Computers
Testing Programs Star/ Spelling City
Friday ~ PE (wear tennis shoes)

12:15 Language Arts ~ Storytown
Storytown Lesson 18 – Have the read aloud with a friend. They may sit anywhere in the room but they must be reading. When they finish a page they need to have the partner summaries what they read. Then they trade and the other person reads. You need to walk around and listen to them and make sure they are doing it.

1:00 Lunch
1:30 Recess

2:00 open door and they may take a restroom break
Student Choice ~ Daily 5 Work
2:15 Door Closes & Lab classes
Reading Intervention-Brandy works with 4 students

2:30 Everyone Drops Everything And Reads!!!!! NO TALKING

2:45 AR testing – 2 or 3 at a time may go to library or use the teacher computer. Login is list on the bulletin board above the student computer.

3:15 Clean Up !!!!!!! Nothing puts me in a sour mood than a messy room. Please make them do this part!

Open Sokikom when they finish cleaning the room to reward points.

3:30 Car Rider Dismissal
3:35 Bus Rider Dismissal