2nd 9 Weeks

Spelling Expectations

Students can take Spelling Tests on Mondays and Thursdays during our extra scheduled computer lab time.  Every student can work on their own independent level and progress at their own speed.  Students passing 4th grade level words with a 90% or better will receive the grade from their test.  Students passing tests below 4th grade will be graded accordingly.

3rd grade words 80%

2nd grade words 70%

1st grade & below 60%

Reading Expectations

Every student is still responsible for 1 weekly AR test.  All students who meet their monthly goal will receive a PIZZA HUT coupon.  We need to be focusing on reading books that are between the 3.0 & 4.5 grade reading levels.  Students also need to still read aloud to ensure they are reading the stories with inflection and stressing the most important words in their story.

Daily 5 ~ Is a station management system we use in class.  For students to receive all their participation points they have to be on task the entire time and demonstrating old and new skills.

Writing Expectations

Every student will follow all writing rules on every assignment.

C.  Capitalize correctly, including “I” because it is a proper pronoun.  Students should also capitalize proper names and the first letter of each sentence.

O.  Organized paragraphs follow a sequence and do not jump around from topic to topic.  Transition words are used to keep the story moving.

P.   Punctuation varies and is used correctly.

S.   Sentences complete with interesting describing words and prepositional phrases.

Good Penmanship is a MUST!  If it is not legible it will be recopied until it is legible.

No excuses! No exceptions! Key to Great Penmanship is EFFORT!

Math Expectations

Independent practice on timed Math Facts ~ www.xtramath.com  Students need to master all Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication facts with speed and accuracy.  We will do a random timed test which consists of 100 problems in 5 minutes.  Students who participate in a different Math class are welcome to participate in this challenge with modifications.


Students will be bringing their Math books home to complete assignments.  Textbooks must be brought back to school the following day or the student will owe all of their recess until the book is returned.


We will continue using our Social Studies content to guide our research and show and tell Friday’s.   Here are the topics for this 9 weeks.

October ~ Founding Fathers were farmers & merchants

I am an American ~ recite Preamble                             100 points

November ~ Geography of North America Illustrations             100 points

December ~ 50 States ~ 2 state comparison reports                   100 points


All of the experiments are based on all Oklahoma Science Standards for K- 5th grades. The experiments are graded and will have a homework element.  The homework part will need to be returned completed to gain the full point possible.   Students who do their homework in class will only receive half of the homework points.

October ~ Physical Science Inquiry                              100 points

November ~ Technology & the Scientific Method        100 points

December ~ Bubble Experiments                                100 points

Field Trips

October 31st            Native American Museum    No Chaperones Needed

November 22nd        High School Play               Chaperones Needed

4th grade Fundraisers

Two for Tuesday Movie Night $3 per person or $5 for two students

Recess Face Painting $0.50 cents for 1 color and $1.00 for 2 colors

Tina O’Neal, www.mrstinaoneal@gmail.com