April 2013

April 8th BEAR Phonics Test

April 9th Literacy Fluency Test

April 11th  2nd Grade PTA

April 16th    Progress Reports  Office will be printing them soon.

April 18 Reading Benchmark

April 19 Math Benchmark 3

April 19th Control r Spelling  Tests

April 22 & 23 Language Arts Assessment Days 1 & 2

April 26th Oklahoma Land Run Day

April 26th Walk a Thon

April 29 Substitute

April 30 & May 1 Language Arts Assessment Days 3 & 4

May 2013

Consonant Digraph Spelling Tests May 1

May 2nd Field Trip to Science Museum ~ Parents Needed

Consonant Digraph Spelling Retake Tests

May 7th Language Arts FINAL Assessment Day 5

May 10th Super Kids Day ~ Parents Needed

Vowel Team Spelling Tests

May 13 – 15 FINAL Math & Reading Benchmark

May 17th Drama & Show Choir

Vowel Team Spelling Retake Tests

May 20th 1st & 2nd grade Awards 9am

May 21st Reading Reward Day (The Invisible Party) ALL DAY EVENT ~ Parents Needed

May 22nd Last Day of School ~ End of Year Picnic ~ Parents Needed