Here are the 4 different forms of poetry we learned about last week:

  1. Free Verse tells a story usually is in a shape being expressed in the poem. ~ PBS KIDS .
  2. Rhyming poems follow a pattern and the ending sounds are the same. cat hat pat
  3. Alliteration have the same SOUND at the beginning of the word and this sound is repeated through our the verse or story. Silly Sally Saw a Seagull  in the City Skyline.
  4. Onomatopoeia are sound words.  BAM! MOO!  CLICK! CLOCK!

We will be adding more styles of poetry as we work through this unit of study.  Here is the website we will be using in class.  Arthur’s Poetry on PBS Kids

Students who have at least 3 different poems will be invited to enter the Norman Public Library Poetry Writing Contest!


The Norman Public Library will commemorate National Poetry Month in April with its 17th annual Poetry Writing Contest.

The contest has two divisions, one for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, and another for sixth grade through adult.

The Children’s Poetry Celebration for kindergarten through fifth grade is taking entries from now through Friday, April 19. Each contestant may enter up to three poems, and entry forms are available at the Children’s Desk of the library.

For the sixth grade through adult division, contest entries are being taken through April 12. Each contestant also may enter up to three poems, and entry forms are available at the Information Desk of the library.