February 19, 2013

Schedule for today

All needed websites for today’s lessons are linked here if it is underlined.

Writing Spirals ~ Write Sentences using the Lesson 19 Spelling Words & the Adjectives from the board.  You can use other adjectives if you want.

Rules for Sentences
1.       Number each sentence
2.       Skip lines after the sentence is finished and after the title (heading).
3.       Underline spelling words
4.       Capitalize  first letter, proper nouns, and pronouns ( I )
5.       7 words per sentence
6.       Use adverbs…. use our NEW adjectives
7.       Use all kinds of punctuation

You will also be getting back your sentences from Monday.  If you need to redo them please do so after you finish today’s work.

Xtra Math ~ Can be done from the student computer at anytime during the day.  The students who were there on Monday all know how it works and how to tell who goes next.

Vocabulary ~ Match definitions with key or unknown words.

Round 1 ~ words from Monday (practice to make sure you know how to play).

Round 2 ~ NEW WORDS

Online Learning ~ Pirate AdjectivesBBC Starship game (English & Math)

These websites are also tabbed at the top of the internet browser.

EXTRA WORK ~ There are extra Language and Math paper for students who need more to do.

They can also READ READ READ if they finish their work for today.


Math ~ Double Digit Subtraction & Fact Families 9.7 

to see the lesson online have a student log in under their name

and they can get to their textbook that way. PEARSON SUCCESS

Specials ~ ART DON’T BE LATE!

Science ~ Classroom research in the books located in the Black Sea.