December 4 Square

December 2012

December 5 ~ Shopping at the Christmas

December 7 ~ Tinsel Ball 6pm – 8pm

December 10 – 14 Benchmark Tests (Math & Reading)

December 12 ~  At home project Christmas Tree DUE


You need to create your own Christmas Tree with the provided

tree outline and use any materials you want.  It will be

showcased on the wall outside of our classroom.


December 18 Christmas Program 2pm Show Choir & Drama

December 20 ~ Adopt a Child Fundraiser Movie

December 21 ~ Holiday Farewell Event 2:30pm

1.  Card Exchange

Please send 1 Christmas Cards for each student.  I will send a complete list of all names in the December Newsletter.  Please have all envelopes labeled before you come  to class on Dec. 21.  We will write farewell notes inside the cards during our Holiday Farewell Event.   I will provide something to be attached to the card as a small gift.

2.  Holiday Food &  Treats

If you are interested in bringing a special food item to our Holiday Farewell Event please let me know ASAP so I can plan accordingly.

We are going to be making Graham Cracker Castles.