November 4 Square

It is now the fourth month of school.  That means the year is approaching the half way point.  If you have not had a chance to join LAPT please do so today.  There is a lot of opportunities for parents to be involved but if you don’t know how you can help out then you don’t get to help out.  Please consider joining the #1 group that can help you stay informed on what is going on within our school.  Joining LAPT is a great way to help our school and ME!

Join LAPT today.

1. November Calendar

12th  ~ Veteran’s Day Assembly 9am

15th ~ 1st 9 Weeks Awards 9am

16th ~ 5th grade Basketball Game $1 admission $1 free throw

16th ~ LAPT Fundraiser Dance 6pm

20th ~ Career Fair ~ Come by the classroom today if you want to help out.

21st – 23rd Thanksgiving Break ~ No School

26th ~ Prevent Blindness Screening


Monday ~ Writing (Word Hunts), Reading & Math

Tuesday ~ Writing(Sentences), Reading & Math

Wednesday ~ Writing'(Short Story) & Reading

Thursday ~ Writing(Spelling), Reading & Math

Friday ~ Reading at Home

Every student in my classroom now has a Writing Homework Folder.  All writing homework needs to be done in this folder.  There is also a table of contents on the first page of this notebook to document the assignments that should be in this folder.

I also placed a calendar in the back pocket so we can communicate about the homework; please refer to the instructions on the calendar.

3. Winter is a Wonderful Time

As we move into the December, I am asking families to donate or share your old Winter Holidays decorations with our class.  After the holidays are over your decorations will be returned to your family.  If you have a special tradition during December please consider sharing your traditions with our class.

We would also like to do a Winter Wonderland craft each week as part of our family tradition study.  I plan on using the supplies we already have on hand. I need your assistance for this to work correctly.   Please stop by and visit with me to find out how you can help out.  I am  available every day after school except for Wednesdays.

4. Christmas Craft Helpers Needed

Craft Item Week 1 ~  comic strips (have) & ribbon (needed)

Craft Item Week 2 ~ recycled paper towel rolls (needed)

Craft Item Week 3 ~ small brown paper bags (have) & yarn (needed)

Craft Item Week 4 ~ Surprise

Stop by and see me how you can help out. ~ THANKS!