October 4 Square News

We are well into our third month of school.  I would like to invite you to join LAPT so you can get the latest news about our LA community and be directly involved in assisting the teachers in our school.

1. October Calendar

There is a lot of stuff going on this month.  Just as soon as I can get some more dates finalized I will be posting this months events.

October 17th  ~ Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

October 18th & 19th ~ Fall Break (No School)

October 25th 4pm & 26th 9am ~ Parent Teacher Conferences

October 29th ~ Red Ribbon Week

October 31st ~ Pirate Day


Conferences are scheduled for the last Thursday and Friday of this month.  I have already begun scheduling times for those who have sent me a note or called wanting a conference.  If you have a special time or day that works best for your schedule please let me know early. So, I can accommodate those needs.   Conferences begin at 4pm on Thursday and last until 7pm.  Then again on Friday from 9am until 1pm.   I can meet any day after school for those who can not make either of those days.  Please allow at least 20 -25 minutes for your conference.  I will cover testing in Reading & Math done this far and any concerns we may have about your child’s performance in 2nd grade.

3. Pirate Day (Fall Celebration) Oct. 31st


We are planning a Pirate party.  I will need your assistance for this event.  If you are interested in helping out please let me know as soon as possible so we can begin preparing.

4.  Here are the items we need for our Pirate Party.

decorations           over-sized clothes                    plastic gold coins

games                       party jewels  & necklaces      drinks

feathers                  GOLD plates &  cups                  finger foods

sticker jewels        small brown paper bags         paper towel rolls

pirate ale                butterscotch candies (candies in gold wrappers)

Here is a list of the things we are making for our costumes.

pirate hats                               treasure maps

spy glasses                              mermaid puppets

pirate guy puppets              parrots

Everything  will be done at school that day.