Welcome to Second Grade

Welcome to Room 117
2nd Grade
Little Axe Elementary School

Dear Parents,

I’m so glad that we are going to be working together this year.  Your child (my student) will be learning so many things in 2nd grade.

  • how seeds and plants grow when we work in our science garden
  • how animals and plants make up an ecosystem
  • how motion and electricity work
  • important heroes and leaders
  • what it takes to make a community
  • how to calculate money and time
  • working with larger numbers
  • 5 elements of being a GREAT reader
  • we will also work in cursive and multiplication
  • and we will use all kinds of technology in our classroom

Parents please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the ONeal Online Newsletter website and the classroom website (www.wix.com/mrstinaoneal/welcome).  I guarantee we will use this website everyday in class.  In addition to these websites, I will also send notes home about what we are working on in class and information about all school-wide events.   As a parent, myself, I know that sometimes those notes don’t always make it home so be sure and check here on a regular basis.  If you have any comments about a post please leave your comment under that specific post.  I will share your thoughts with the class throughout the year.

How to contact the teacher?

Parents, if you need to discuss your child’s education please feel free to contact me however you feel most comfortable.  Of course by phone and/or in person are the most effective ways to communicate.  Emails are always a great way to reach me but not the quickest.  I will try to answer all emails but sometimes this can take a day or two.  Facebook is a great social media not the most effective resource for contacting the teacher.   The purpose of FB is to let others know that your child loves second grade and they cant wait to return from visiting their grandparents so they can come back to school.   So, if you do decide to contact me through FB please do it in a private message and know that your message may or may not be answered.   If you need to meet about your child, parent conferences can be set up any time before or after school.  Just contact the office and leave me a message.  If  you need to let me know that little Johnny is riding the bus or Sally is sick today, please call the school with messages to that nature (447-0913).


Your Educator

Mrs. O’Neal, M. Ed.