Brand New 2nd Grade Teacher

As of May 24, I am officially no longer in Room 315.  I am now in Room 117, which means I am in a completely different building and grade level.  I am now the fifth member of the second grade team.  I currently have 19 students enrolled in my class. Which is a huge change from having 26.

Besides switching rooms, I have been really busy. You may have already noticed but I completely redesigned my website and I now have a second one dedicated to my 2nd graders.  I have read through all the state’s PASS objectives and of course the NEW Common Core objectives.  I already have many great things already planned for this new upcoming year.  I can not wait to meet my new students and their families.

When you come and see me next year remember I am in Room 117.  You are welcome to stop by anytime.  Have a GREAT Summer!