Costa Rica, Feb. 16 – 20

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I wished you all could come with me to Costa Rica.  Unfortunately, this trip is a working trip, just for teachers.  I will be “working” at the Barceló Langosta Beach Resort located at Playa Langosta, Costa Rica.  I know you will enjoy your time at school without me.   You can leave me your comments on here and when I am not in a training session, I will read your comments and repost.  Be sure to check back throughout the weekend for photos of my trip.   I will see you on Tuesday and I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip.  In the meantime, visit the links below to see some of the things that I might get to see.

Costa Rica Map ~ Playa Langosta, Tamrinado

Weather           Activities         Packing List

 Howler Monkeys ~ You Tube Video may not open at school.

Things I am looking for while I am in Costa Rica!

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