First Day Prezi

things to discuss

The link above will take you directly to the 1st Day Prezi.  I will share this slide show as a guide to our 1st day discussion.  Students are encouraged to pull this Prezi up and use it as guide to share with you about their 1st day in Room 315.

Prezi is one of the tools students will have access to when completing assignments, projects and presentations.  If you have an email account you can sign your child up now so they can get started on this Home Project. (HP)

This HP will be discussed further in class but there are 3 choices for this assignment:

  1. Build a Prezi telling us what they did this summer.
  2. Build a Prezi telling us about their family.
  3. Build a Prezi telling us about their 5th grade fears and hopes.

This is due as soon as you can get it done.  Once school starts the class will decided on an actual  DUE DATE.

Have Fun!